Lara Ivachev is a burst of sunshine in Melbourne’s 50 shades of black. Her jewellery pieces are unique, attention-grabbing and keep-forever items. She works closely with fashion brands and performers to create bespoke pieces. You can¬†buy her pieces online or find them at select retailers in Melbourne and Sydney. Visit EAT.ME.DO

Sportswear Loves Fashion

As I have always believed, sportswear and fashion are not living in distant universes. They can and should be partnered at all opportunities! If I could wear sneakers to ALL events and at every possible opportunity, I would! This pic is from an adidas shoot by rawwblog – an insanely inspiring site that I highly … Continue reading

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans What is the sweetest way to get a pure jelly bean rush without the tooth cavities and post-sugar slump? Neon Jelly Beans! I got mine online at Jelly Beans – they come in all sorts of sweet colours. Just ONE rule. I saw a girl wearing her jellies with socks yesterday. No. NO! … Continue reading

Cat meets Catwalk Saturday

On Saturday, I have the exciting job of blogging on the Sportsgirl National Graduate Showcase.Twelve graduates carefully selected by renowned institutions and universities across Australia have the opportunity to sashay their words in front of fashion buyers, editors and People Who Matter. I hope you’ll read all about it on the Sportsgirl blog! Details and … Continue reading

Salut, Bonjour, Hi!

I know there are a zillion fashion blogs. If you’re reading mine, thankyou. I’m thrilled. I have been a fashion magazine, design, photography and textures enthusiast to the point of creating furniture out of i-D and Vogue magazines. You’d be amazed at how functional a large stack of sturdy fashion mags are for holding coffee … Continue reading